Printer Setup - Power, Keyboard, Film and Ribbon

These instructions will cover:

      1. Setting up power & keyboard on your printer
      2. Installing printing Film & Ribbon
      3. Printing Banners

      1 Keyboard & Power

      Power port is on the left - Keyboard USB port is on the right


      This is what a US English keyboard looks like - top and bottom.

      US Keyboard

      Open Lid by pushing Green Button in either side.

      2 - Install Film & Ribbon

      Refer to previous section on how to open the lid using green button on the side.

      1. Instructions taped on inside of the lid.


      The Film spools can be removed and installed by gently pushing the spool to the left so are to release or install onto the holders.


      Ribbon Install

      1. Instructions taped on inside of lid

      2- Open Lid - Use Green on side to  button to unlock lid.

      2. To replace ribbon, push green unlock button to release spool, and then insert new ribbon and secure real by pushing real support back into the locked position.

      3 - Thread ribbon - Once ribbon is secure, thread through the guide rail.s


        3. Printing various banners