Fiorella Printers Support Page

These instructions will cover:

      There are two support paths

      Support for the latest Fiorella 2.0 printer 
      Support for the discontinued Fiorella 1.0 printer

      Fiorella 2.0 support path

      Ribbon Printer with Spanish Keyboard

      General setup use instructions. 

      These can be found on the bottom right Chat icon on

      If you still need help after reviewing setup & use instructions please contact us:


      Call +1 800-461-4825 ext 5225

      We will coordinate and schedule a support session to get you back to business.

      Fiorella 1.0 support path

      We do not sell the discontinued Fiorella 1.0 printer. We do however still provide support and supplies (Film 1.0) to our valued customers.

      This (discontinued) printer is the one that needs additional cables and connection to a PC with additional software of MS Word for Windows.

      You need to have Word and the Teamview App installed on your Windows machine before contacting us for support. 

      The most common issues are around the Windows configuration of the printer. The configuration of the printer should be as follows: 


      Word Install

       To install MS Word using your Office 365 subscription use this link

      Signin to your Office 365 account and install Office Apps. 

        Installing Windows teamviewer app 

      1. Go to teamviewer web site and select Try for Free option. 

      2. Download the Desktop client - Free Download.

      3. Call Tecniflora support Direct Line: +1 800-461-4825 ext 5225

      4. Once Teamviewer is On the call you will be asked to provide Your ID and Password. Read these out on the call.


      Once we have remote control of your PC we will be able to help you configure your Fiorella 1.0 printer.